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Notes on a novel is a project about seeds that never grow, or about planting an apple tree but growing a tomato plant. It is the preparation for a novel that no one any longer intends to write. It is a novel that was never written and everything it could have been. It is a project about writing in the digital era, as the notes for this novel are written online in a public folder on Google Drive. It is a meta-novel made up of all the plots, snippets and fragments, dialogues, notes and ides, and discarded material that were never braided. And it is also a swimming pool full of thoughts, books, articles, conversations, questions, discoveries, investigations, anecdotes and stories.
Notes on a novel (that I am not going to write), or the swimming pool, or the hair, the herb and the bread or the tomato plant, 2018
"Fragments of a novel" is a parallel project and folder in which Irene Solà invites Mikel Aboitiz, Maria Cabrera, Verònica Gerber Bicecci, Miachel Lawton and Clàudia Pagès to each write a fragment of the novel.
"Hola O/mapa" is a publication in the shape of a map as part of the project of "Notes on a novel(…)"
The project was presented on the 19th of April 2018 at Massana, Barcelona, with a reading by Michael Lawton, Alexandra Laudo, Ariadna Guiteras, Ginebra Raventós, Míriam Cano and Irene Solà (image), and an action by Joana Capella Buendia.